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TRESemme Hair Dryer 5543U Salon Professional Diffuser 2200

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Paula Pegg

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On 17/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


Works best and comes with features you'd expect from a hair dryer

TRESemme is the epitome off style and has been a leader in the game for a very long time. Their products are synonymous with the kind of hairstyles you expect to see on the catwalk. The TRESemme hair dryer also known as 5543U looks stunning. It has lovely curves and  looks elegant. As a product apparently inspired by salon professionals, great things are expected from it. They spend a lot of time in the salon, so you’d expect them to know what works best and that the 5543U comes with features you’d expect from a professional hair dryer.

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Black Diffuser

tresemme hair dryerThe TRESemme hair dryer comes with a black diffuser with finger/ spike like attachments to it. The diffuser helps the hair to dry quickly and prevents it from turning frizzy as some diffusers do. It is also great when it comes down to styling. It works well on curly hair and drying thick hair. It definitely feels like the diffuser in salons so that will be great for people with frizzy hair and need enough power to straighten their hair without setting their hair on fire. The diffuser will be a winner with that professional touch. It also helps that it is easy to attach or detach and you don’t have to wrestle with it.

Ionic Conditioning Technology

This professional hair dryer comes with ionic conditioning technology which is another sure winner. It kicks out the frizz out of long hair because the TRESemme hair dryer works the hair well, leaving it shiny and sleek. It is a lightweight but powerful dryer with 2200 watts. The combination of the power, stream of balancing ions and the diffuser, this dryer really leaves hair with that professional glossy look, shining and beautiful.

Styled Nozzle

The nozzle which is styled on the salon types can be attached to add the concentration of air for quickertresemme hair dryer frizz-less hair that turns heads on the streets. The diffuser sets the TRESemme hair dryer apart from other dryers as this piece of the kit allows you to experiment more and make such styles like curling hair easy. The results are amazing every time. Once you use the diffuser on this professional hair dryer, it would be hard to use any other dryer, let alone one without a diffuser because the diffuser permits you to do things you can’t normally do with other dryers. With this dryer, you are not stuck with one style for ages. You can change hairstyles regularly and the results look like your hair has been under the hands of a pro.

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3 Heat And Speed Settings

The other difference with this the TRESemme hair dryer is that it gives you three heat and speed settings. Other dryers only feature 2 speed settings. What makes this professional hair dryer extraordinary, is that little bit of extra that it gives you in options such as the diffuser and the extra speed button. They make a huge difference. The three heat settings actually provide you with 3 heat options unlike the hot or cold which cause hair to frizz up.

Cool Shot

tresemme hair dryerApart from those 3 heat settings and 3 speed settings, this dryer also has a cool shot button for setting the hair after styling. It goes that extra step to offer something different from other products on the market. This dryer benefits from the great features inspired by the salon professionals. It feels like it was designed by people who knew what they were doing. It’s not everyday that you get a product that does what it says on the box and gets the thumbs up.

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Value For Money

The TRESemme hair dryer provides great value for money and peace of mind. They are so confident of their product, it comes with an impressive 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. It inspires confidence in the product and you know that when you buy it, no matter what happens, you are covered. If it breaks down or a part stops working, it is covered for the next 36 months. Not a lot of other top brands inspire such confidence. This professional hair dryer will allow you to look good without breaking the bank account. You also won’t have to buy more hair dryers because TRESemme have you covered for the next 3 years with a quality product inspired by the experts. You get salon quality without the hectic price tag and no one will be able to tell the difference.

The box contains:tresemme hair dryer

  • 1 X Diffuser
  • 1 X Concentrator’s nozzle
  • 1 X Instruction booklet
  • 1 X Hair Dryer

The TRESemme hair dryer features:

  • Soft finger diffuser and concentrator
  • 3 heat/ 3 speed settings
  • 2220 watts
  • Ionic technology
  • Cool shot button

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The TRESemme hair dryer is a lightweight hairdryer that won’t leave your arm aching after using it. So it has great ergonomics and was designed to be comfortable to use without causing user discomfort. The light weight and fast drying capacity really work hand in hand to create a great product. It is sleek in style and does the job well. It is very difficult to fault because there is nothing wrong with it. Everything is right about it. The smallest downside is that the concentrator could be narrower would have made this product the perfect dryer allowing a more precise blow.

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