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Toni And Guy Hair Straightener TG1186UK Ceramic Iron

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Paula Pegg

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On 31/12/2013
Last modified:02/12/2013


Most sought-after hair styling gadget.

Toni and Guy have been in the game for over four decades and are renowned for producing appliances that are known for quality. They are one of the best known hairdressing brands even to people who are ignorant of the industry. Their popularity transcends the industry; therefore, their products are widely respected and sought after fashion and hairstyling accessories. This hair straightener known as TG1186UK will no doubt find itself the prize possession of many hairstylists and households nationwide. As one of the mini hair straighteners coming from Toni & Guy there will be many people looking to find out if there is any consistency with this addition.

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Aid To Great Hairstyles

This hair straightener heat up to 200 degrees and they heat up very quickly saving your the pain of hair straightenerhaving to wait forever so that you can get on with the business of having a good hair day. The good news is that they are cheap and provide good value for money but there is nothing cheap about the way they perform. It is great news for every woman who wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend a fortune doing it. It is great for short hair and don’t be surprised if you see guys stocking up on this wonder product because it is an aid to working up great hairstyles.

No Snags

The edges behind the plates of this hair straightener remain relatively cool so there is no danger of accidentally burning yourself or singeing your ear lobes. The plates work the hair exceptionally well and don’t snag it which a lot of other hair straighteners do. That doesn’t happen with these mini hair straighteners. You can confidently style your hair without fear of running into any snags. It permits you to straighten your hair or tussle it if you have short hair. It offers a lot of styling freedom. They also seem to be immune to formation of the residue from hair products which is fantastic news.

Digital Controls

hair straightenerThey permit you a lot of freedom to style your hair. The hair straightener has a long cable which reaches across the room so you can work your hair while rummaging through the wardrobe or stand by the door and chat to someone in the next room although the socket is on the other side of the room. These mini hair straighteners are great, modern and work extremely well. They come with digital controls which work very well when trying to find the best setting. The 25 heat options allow you to find the optimum temperature that works for your hair or the best setting that achieves the style you want.

2 Year Guarantee

The great news is that these mini hair straighteners come with a two year guarantee. That is great value for money. Not a lot of expensive hair straighteners come with such guarantees. This is an illustration of the confidence Toni and Guy have in the quality of their product. The hair straightener is covered for repairs and replacements to any part by the manufacturer’s warranty which should allow you to buy this product with confidence. The features of these straighteners include:

  • §  2 year guaranteehair straightener
  • 25 variable temperature controls
  • Salon length 3m swivel cord
  • 200 degree fast heat – ready to use in seconds
  • Rubberised soft touch finish
  • Unisex sex straightener

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Value For Money

The value for money for this product is quite exceptional. They are cheap but with a two year guarantee that is a bargain that you can’t get anywhere else. Higher priced models don’t provide you with that kind of confidence when you buy them. There is nothing cheap about this hair straightener because it comes with a lot of great features as shown above. The finish with rubber is easy to handle and grip them for easy use and they protect you from the heat. They would probably be unusable if they were constructed from plastic or ceramics.

Slim Ceramic Plates

hair straightenerThe on/ off switches are ideally placed so that there is no accidents switching it off while in the process of using the mini hair straighteners which is something that happens with some other brands that get the positioning wrong. The 15 millimetre ceramic plates are just slim enough to grasp hair easily especially for people with short hair. They work very well and heat up within seconds. This hair straightener is a great styling tool and works equally well for amateurs and professionals. So now it is possible to achieve that salon look at home without paying the full salon price and the great news that everyone can now make every day a great day. The more practice one has on this straightener the more perfect they become. It boosts the confidence because if you look good you feel good.

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The price is really deceptive. They are so cheap that one gets the impression that they are no good but they are surprisingly great value for money. You can’t compare them to anything else. They do what they say they are supposed to do and you get a great price for fabulous technology. There are no downsides to note so far. So overall, this hair straightener is a winner.

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