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Remington Hair Straighteners S9500 Pearl

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Paula Pegg

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On 03/01/2014
Last modified:02/12/2013


Makes your hair 8 times smoother and straighter.

Remington hair straighteners add the Remington Pearl to their long lineage of products renowned for their quality and innovation in the haircare industry. Remington is one of top brands in the haircare and grooming industry. Its products are synonymous with glamour, style and quality and this sleek hair dryer ticks all the aforementioned boxes. This hair straightener is really stylish and comes in black and white in an advanced ceramic coating and combines various technologies. It is worth having a look to see what it delivers and if it lives up the hype.

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Combined Technologies

Previous Remington hair straighteners have lived up to the hype, so what does the Remington Pearlremington hair straighteners offer? Loads for starter! It combines traditional ceramic coatings, advanced technology with Pearl to create a machine that is smoother, hotter and faster than ever before. We know ceramics come from the creation of the coating by using non-metallic materials and recycled packaging which gives this straightener eco friendly credentials.

Pearl Coated Plates

Combined with a real Pearl, this makes the Remington Pearl 8 times smoother as it straightens your hair leaving it glossy and voluminous. It makes your hair straighter in no time at all without the problems of snagging. The plates glide through your hair effortlessly because of the advanced ceramic coating blended with real Pearl Shimmer.  The plates are coated in pearl which makes your hair soft and shiny. They heat up rapidly and work equally as fast as they take to heat up. The plates make it simpler to use the straightener without any application of effort. The dimensions allow you to style more of your hair at one go. They glide through the hair without entangling with the hair providing even distribution of heat throughout the straightening process.

Hottest Straightening Comb On Market

remington hair straightenersRemington hair straighteners feature an LCD screen which allows you to see exactly how your straightening comb is rather than using unorthodox means to ascertain. This leaves little room for accidents as this straightener can go from cold to super-hot within 10 seconds flat. This is really good because the Remington Pearl has a variable heat of 150 – 235 degrees Celsius which makes it one of the hottest straightening combs on the market. Having a visible indication of the heat, allows you to be in control of the styling process and permits you to choose the temperature that works best for you to achieve the look that you want.

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Temperature Lock

These Remington hair straighteners come with some great safety features such as the temperature lock. This facility allows you to choose a heat setting and then lock it so that you don’t accidentally turn up the heat while you are busy using the straightener to straighten your hair. The easy set dials allow you to choose the temperature that allows you to achieve the style you want and do a section once over at the optimum temperature rather than repeat the same manoeuvre repeatedly at a lower temperature.

Heat Booster Function

Locking the heat at a preset temperature is a great safety measure. This hair straightener has also got aremington hair straighteners heat boost function which allows you to accelerate the heat to reach the highest temperature setting quickly. It might be useful if you are in a hurry but considering that this device reaches maximum heat in ten seconds, one can only wonder why one would want to reach the highest temperature in such a hurry in the first place. But who knows, those few seconds might make the difference between missing or catching a bus or a train.

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Auto Off Function

Safety was a major issue with these Remington hair straighteners and they took all precautions to ensure customer safety. This Remington Pearl was made easy and safe to use. They have an auto off function which kicks in within the hour if the appliance is not used to avoid any accidents if you leave them on by mistake. This is great as the device won’t spend the day draining your power while not in use. The 3 metre cable attached to it gives you freedom of movement to walk around the room while you are straightening your hair. You can get your outfits ready or multi task while the straightener is plugged into the socket across the room.

remington hair straightenersThis Remington Pearl has the following features:

  • 3m salon length swivel cord
  • Digital LVD display 150ºC to 235ºC
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Advanced Ceramic Ultimate Coating with Real Pearl: 8 X smoother, 5 X longer lasting
  • Hinge lock for storage
  • High performance ceramic heaters: Ready to use in 10 seconds, Ultra fast
  • recovery
  • Heat Boost function to quickly get to the highest temperature
  • Longer length slim 110mm floating plates
  • Temperature key lock to prevent accidental temperature changing
  • Heat proof luxury pouch and mat

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The downside is they don’t last long. They heat up really fast while they are working but after a few months, not more than six, they stop working. They continually play up so if you are looking for something that works for a long time, this is not it. It works intermittently. This product is also great for people with thick and coarse hair but not for everyone.

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