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Remington Hair Dryer Pro 2100W

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Paula Pegg

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On 06/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


Get fab and stylish with Remington Pro 2100W Hair Dryer.

The Remington hair dryer is the perfect gift set for a loved one or a friend. Alternatively you can spoil yourself. It comes with a lot of little extras which will put a smile on your face and allow you to pamper yourself. It is accompanied by a stylish carry case as an extra add on to store the best hair straightener and its impressive array of extras such as two brushes, diffuser and two precision concentrators. It goes that extra step to create an extra special package. Remington is one of top brands in the haircare and grooming industry. Its products are synonymous with glamour, style and quality and this sleek hair dryer ticks all the aforementioned boxes.

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Sleek Looking

The sleek looking ceramic ionic Remington hair dryer is made out of remington hair dryerrecycled material; ceramics are derived from non-metallic or inorganic materials modified by heat and the subsequent cooling process to produce this product of exquisite beauty. It is chic and easy on the eye which is an added bonus plus it goes about its business without over hyping its green credentials. It is great news because its ease on the eye is complimented by its simplicity; there’s no need to read the accompanying instructions because it is simple to figure out how to clip on the attachments. Plus, it’s light and easy to use which is what we expect from the best hair straightener.

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Dry And Slim Concentrators

Fast dry and slim precision concentrators accompany the Remington hair dryer: the fast dry concentrator helps to dry the hair faster than most conventional dryers, leaving no frizz or static; the slim concentrator gives hair a sleek and shiny look. They are great tools for styling and making it look professional even if you style your hair at home. It looks like a hairstylist has worked on it to give it that fresh, salon look.

Diffuser And Brushes

The diffuser that comes with this top notch dryer is great in styling hair to give it that tousled look. It also snaps on firmly and with ease; there is no wrestling with it to try and fit it on. The two brushes, namely the paddle and thermal round brush are excellent quality; the latter brush helps to create great body to hairstyles; so, if you are looking for it, that is the tool to add volume and shape. The paddle is perfect for long hair, allowing it to flow smoothly and leaving it shiny and sleek for that professional stylist look.

Variable Heat And Speed Settings

remington hair dryerThe Remington hair dryer has three heat settings and two speed settings to tackle all hair lengths. The switches are ideally placed and easy to use. Those sets of buttons scroll sideways and there is no danger of switching the dryer off accidentally when holding it in your palms. The speed controls operate independently from the other switches. The dryer permits contained styling, giving to body and style when drying it straight.

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Cool Shot

The cool shot button is fantastic as it allows you to switch from blowing hot air to cool air when you want to set your hair after styling and lock it in place. It cools hair down after drying it at high temperatures and is useful to prevent hair frizzing up when walking out into the cold. The settings and accessories make styling so much easier and provide so much choice with what to do. It has to be best hair straightener ever.

Easy Cleaning And Cool Storage

remington hair dryerThe ceramic grill at the rear of the best hair straightener detaches easily. It is an advantage because it is simple to clean dust from the back and maintain the performance of the Remington hair dryer. This helps the dryer to have a longer life because other dryers break down after dust builds up. The storage options are fantastic. The loop on the dryer facilitates practical storage on a hook. Alternatively, the bag is massive and is ideal storage when travelling and keeping all the pieces in one place.

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2100 Watts Of Power

For such a powerful hair dryer, the Remington hair dryer is surprisingly quiet considering it has 2100 watts of power. That’s a pleasant surprise for the best hair straightener; it’s great for thick hair that takes longer to dry. It doesn’t disappoint at all. Not only does, it look great but it is light and well balanced making it relatively user friendly.

The Remington hair dryer features:

  • Ceramic ionic conditioning
  • Cool Shot
  • Diffuser
  • Powerful 2100 Watt
  • Paddle brush
  • Round brush
  • 3 heat/ 2 speed settings
  • Hang up loop
  • Concentrator
  • Storage case
  • Removable easy clean rear grille

remington hair dryer


The bigger attachment on the Remington hair dryer is hard to use because of its spikes; it extends the hair dryer making it uncomfortable to use. If that attachment was shorter or the spikes were shorter it could be less awkward. It also doesn’t perform like a 2100 watt dryer but it is slightly faster than a travel dryer with low power. The power on it could be better allowing hair to dry faster. The lead is only 1.8m which doesn’t allow you to move around too much for people who tend to move about the room or salon as they work. With a longer cord, this dryer could be the best hair straightener. Finally, the diffuser has too many holes which blow the hair about too much. It works great for people with straight hair not for people with curls.


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