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Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Paula Pegg

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On 26/11/2013
Last modified:04/12/2013


It is light, compact and energy-saving.

Parlux introduced a new, beautiful hair dryer that is stunning. The Parlux brand is a favourite with hairdressing salons right across the country. That speaks volumes about its popularity and the reason why it is the nation’s favourite. The Parlux 3800 seems to cement their growing reputation for quality. This ionic hair dryer is set to become iconic. It comes in a wide range of colours to pick from. It is going to be the hair in demand this season.

Parlux 3800The Parlux 3800 is made out of ceramics, recycled materials such as plastic and recycled packaging. That is revolutionary. Ceramics are derived from substances without metals or inorganic materials which are later modified by heat and consequent cooling. This ionic hair dryer  comes with plenty of green credentials which is great news for the environment and users who are pro-environment friendly products. This one is for them. Very few hair dryers have such green credentials.

Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

In addition, this ionic hair dryer is a featherweight but it is impressive. It comes with 2100 watts and an airflow of 75m3/hr. That is enough airflow to challenge heavyweights in this division. Lightness doesn’t detract from its power. It feature two nozzles: one for quick drying and the other for styling. The light weight means the hair dryer is easy on your arms and you don’t need to go to the gym to build muscle to blow dry your hair. Kiss aching arms goodbye. Here is a hair dryer your arms will thank you for.

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The great news doesn’t stop there. The Parlux 3800 is also an energy saving device. The 2100w K-Lamination motor cuts down on the time you need to dry your hair and your use of electricity. It kills two birds with one stone and save you a lot of money on your energy bill. The ionic hair dryer is a true money saver.

Parlux 3800 Features and Specifications

The Parlux 3800 may be light in weight but it packs in a lot more. It has no harmful emissions. It Parlux 3800 features an inbuilt silencer, so you don’t have to put up with noise pollution while you dry your hair which is great news for your ears. The monotonous drone of the hair dryer is history. This ionic hair dryer is breaking barriers. The blending of ionic developments and ceramics preserve the hairs’ inborn moisture and allows them to remain in fantastic shape.

Neither is the Parlux 3800 short of admirers nor fantastic features. It might have cut down on weight but it didn’t cut down on its traditionally long cable, it’s still three metres long. And the handle was gracefully sculpted to fit into the palms of your hands to maintain the ideal harmony.

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Experience Hair Revolution with Parlux 3800

What more do you need to know? It has 4 temperature settings giving you a variety to work with and ensure you have the ideal temperature to dry your hair plus 2 variable speeds which you can speed up or Parlux 3800 slow down to increase styling efficiency and save power. The features set out below are what you can expect from the Parlux 3800:

  • 2100 Watts.
  • Airflow: 75 m3/hr
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 4 Temperature / 2 Speed
  • Cold shot button
  • Impact resistant casing and heavy duty switches
  • 2 Nozzle and a 3m cable

Parlux 3800Eco Hair Dryer Delivers Great Results

The Parlux 3800 is ergonomically sound. You and hairstylists will love it. Because it is light; it is designed to maximise on productivity and not weigh you down as you work and tire you out. The ionic hair dryer echoes the excellent reputation we now associate with products that carry the Parlux name. This is one product that carries on that long established tradition blending innovative technology, practicality, ergonomics, style and green credentials.

There are several downsides to this hair dryer. There is a problem with the handle because the switch isParlux 3800 on the handle so it is difficult to handle the dryer without switching it off. That makes the Parlux 3800 a bit awkward to use. This is more of a design oversight than a fault with the hair dryer. If the switches weren’t by the handle where the thumb grips the handle, it would have been a better machine. It would fare better if the switches were not by the handle.

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This ionic hair dryer doesn’t seem to get hot enough to dry hair properly to be able to give it body; instead, it leaves it looking dull and listless. It is also not powerful enough though it has 3800 written its name which is probably a model but not an indication of the power. It would be a better product if it was stronger and generated a lot more heat to be able to dry the hair properly and hold it together.

The box includes:

  • 1 X Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Friendly Hairy Dryer, Black.

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