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Parlux 3200 Superturbo Compact Hair Dryer

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Paula Pegg

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On 03/12/2013
Last modified:04/12/2013


Favourite both at home and in the salon.

The Parlux 3200 is an addition to the growing models of Parlux products. It comes in a light pink shade, most girls’ favourite colour which seems to be a good sign considering that Parlux is considered to be the best hair dryer on the market. No doubt, it is a favourite both at home and in the salon. It promises a lot of good features and more.

parlux 3200Many customers complain that professional hairdryers make a lot of noise which upsets them because they make it difficult to communicate with their hairdressers while the hairdryer is running.
Consequently, customers find it difficult to let the hairdresser know how they want their hair styled. Parlux claim they developed yet to be patented technology is 45% quieter than other professional hair dryers and sets them apart from the competition. This technology was apparently developed at the research laboratories in Italy and it eradicates sound waves.

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The technology that comes with the best hair dryer is known as the Parlux Melody Silencer. It is attached to the rear of the Parlux range of hairdryers to change the absorption of air, consequently cutting out the noise. The silencer cab fitted to the back of any Parlux dryers in the range is fitted by simply turning it in the rear of the Parlux 3200. This should reduce the noise and make it 45% quieter than other professional hair driers. This revolutionary technology means the best hair dryer on the market is silently making progress in the industry.

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Parlux Superturbo 3200That is not the only revolutionary advance that comes with the Parlux 3200. It has a 1900 watts K Lamination motor which means it is not as heavy as other dryers on the market as it weighs between 490
– 550 grams. That is almost as light as packet of rice or sugar that weighs 500 grams. It is very light but its K Lamination motor dishes out 1900 watts of power and an airflow of 69 cubic metres per hour which means it is just as powerful as any other heavyweight hair dryer on the market and that is why it is the best hair dryer around.

Why Parlux 3200 is the Best Hair Dryer Today?

Like other Parlux dryers, the Parlux 3200 comes with 4 heat and two settings for speeds meaning you can choose the temperature which is appropriate for you to dry your hair and leave it with enough bounce. The heat permits the heat to infiltrate the hair forcing the cuticles to lift. So the settings allow you to choose which temperature works the best for your hair. This is why this it’s probably the best hair dryer ever.

Parlux Superturbo 3200Not all hair requires the same amount of heat so Parlux caters for different types of hair by providing you with a choice. The hair dryer also has a cold shot button which is an extra addition to help when you are setting your hair. Once you have done hair blowing and styling your hair, you press that button which helps to lock your style into place. Occasionally, blowing your hair with cold air helps to prevent breakage.

The Parlux 3200 has two professional concentrator nozzles which are used to prevent the hair flying in all directions. One is slim and wide and serves to focus the attention of the best hair dryer on a particular area rather than all over the head. It is useful in blow drying hair downwards to avoid it frizzing at the top, so it aids the straightening process by blowing the hair downwards instead of up.

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Parlux 3200 Hair Dryer Features

In addition, the cable is still at three meters which allows you room to move around the salon or at home and you are not confined to one spot while drying your hair. The Parlux 3200 was constructed for convenience. It is so light that it reduces the aches in the arms and shoulder caused by holding up a heavy drier for extended periods of time. So weather you are working at home or in the salon, the dryer is designed to ensure fatigue caused by bulky dryers is a thing of the past and best hair dryer increases your productivity by eliminating fatigue and discomfort.

Parlux Superturbo 3200 The box contains:

1 x 3200 Compact hair Dryer, Pink 


1900 Watt drying capacity

Airflow of 69 cubic metres/hours

small and lightweight, yet extremely powerful

4 temperatures/ 2 speeds

coldshot button

3 metre cable

supplied with 2 professional concentrator nozzles

Full Parlux Warranty

Supplied with a UK plug only (220~240v)

The low setting to dry hair slowly and to form and control curls on the Parlux 3200 is like a gale force which blows the hair all over the place. It needs a setting that is not so strong. It is too powerful. It probably needs to come with more settings or a really lower blowing power. In addition, the Parlux 3200 weighs 780 grams and not 550 gram as advertised; therefore, it is not really a lightweight. 550g refers to the dryer minus the cable but you can’t separate the two as they are permanently attached to each other.

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