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Nicky Clarke Hair Dryer NHD093 Mayfair Collection Vitesse 2500W

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Paula Pegg

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On 13/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


One of the most powerful hair dryers in the haircare business today.

When Nicky Clarke introduces a product on the market, the world sits back and takes note. As a renowned hair stylist who has hair salons and came to fame styling the hair of stars on TV shows, everyone expects his products to live up to his reputation and reflect his flawless approach. Therefore, a Nicky Clarke hair dryer comes with high expectations to live up to his expert styling tips and fashion tips. Nicky Clarke Straighteners look sleek and the NHD093 is no exception.

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nicky clarke hair dryerThis Nicky Clarke hair dryer launched with the Mayfair Collection range looks the part. It comes with a hair boggling ultra high 2500 watts. That is undoubtedly one of the most powerful dryers in the haircare business and typical of Nicky Clarke Straighteners. It is so powerful it dries hair faster than any others before it. It is really good for long hair and dries hair in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t leave you bored, waiting for your hair to dry. It allows you to spend more time trying out outfits to wear when you are going out.

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Salon Looking Hair

It doesn’t make your hair go fluffy but leaves it silky smooth within minutes like it was done in a salon. This is an ionic hair dryer that does leave your hair surprisingly silky; if it’s not a sensation you are used to, then it’s time you familiarise yourself with this ionic hair dryer. It will leave you feeling like a million bucks. It is also surprisingly quiet for such a powerful machine. This is one of the best Nicky Clarke Straighteners. The great news is that it is not that hot as you would expect from a Nicky Clarke hair dryer with 2500 watts. That is great news. You don’t want a dryer that fries your scalp and leaves the room smelling of roast meat or smelling of burning hair.

Ergonomically Sound

This Nicky Clarke hair dryer works well on thick hair and gives it great weight and shape with adequate nicky clarke hair dryerheat which can be controlled by the three heat/ temperature settings located on the well balanced handle. They are easy to use. The switches don’t move by mistake as they are rigid and not the sliding type or rockers which cause dryers to switch off accidentally while holding them. You expect this from Nicky Clarke Straighteners. It is easy to hold the dryer while your arm is waving in the air because it is light and ergonomically brilliant. It doesn’t weigh your arm down as if you have been lifting weights in the gym. It is lightweight and it dries hair within minutes unlike other dryers where you spend close to an hour trying to dry your hair. Your arm won’t ache after using it. Although it dries the hair fast, it doesn’t make it frizz.

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Quick Drying Times

You don’t have to spend the whole time holding down the button on this a Nicky Clarke hair dryer. The three heat settings work well and you don’t end up with cramp trying to hold the button down trying to generate heat as you do with other dryers. This is something you expect from Nicky Clarke Straighteners. The warm air setting with the high speed works very well to get the hair dry within 10 minutes; on other hair dryers that would be like 20 minutes or longer using the hot air at high speed. Styling only takes about two minutes on the warm air using the low speed on the a Nicky Clarke hair dryer but on other dryers it would take longer to style using the hot setting at low speed.

Blow And Heat Variations

nicky clarke hair dryerThe blow and heat variations on this Nicky Clarke hair dryer are great. The cool shot feature works exceptionally well, especially when switching from the warm or hot air setting to cool the air down to style it and make sure it holds. It doesn’t cause the hair to frizz when you go out into the cold. The salon concentrator which is a feature of Nicky Clarke Straighteners is perfect for a sleek look and when experimenting with different styles. The nozzle on this dryer is definitely shorter than others which is great news as you can hold the dryer closer.

As with other Nicky Clarke Straighteners, it is not only good looking but the design is well thought out. The design and feeling of it in the palms is good. It is sturdy and has a loop on the end to hang it on a peg or hook for easy storage.

The box contains:nicky clarke hair dryer

  • 1 X Salon Concentrator
  • 1 X Vitesse Dryer
  • 1 X Instruction booklet

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The dryer features:

  • Hinged end cap and hanging loop for easy cleaning and storage
  • Ionic Function with Indicator light helps prevent frizz and promote shine
  • 2500W Ultra High Wattage DC Dryer
  • Salon Concentrator for precision styling
  • 2 Speed/ 3 heat Setting plus Cool Shot


This Nicky Clarke hair dryer doesn’t really feel like 2500w. It feels more like 2200w. It is still powerful but not as advertised on the box so that is one downside to it. It should have the power it says on the box. The cord is also too short which is another downside to a great product. You have to stay close to the power point to get the best out of it so you can’t move around and do something else while you are drying your hair. A salon length cord would have been great. If the socket is close to the mirror or dressing table then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


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