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Nicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Straightener

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Paula Pegg

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On 21/01/2014
Last modified:02/12/2013


Passion red finish fits for a winner.

Nicky Clarke made his name as a hair specialist styling the hair of celebrities on television. He also owns many salons and constantly puts out limited edition products of his own embracing the skills and expertise he has acquired over the years. His products have become sought after appliances in salons across the country. The DesiRed is another product that joins the innovative stable of Nicky Clarke straighteners. It comes in a passionate red finish and stands out as a winner.

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Tourmaline Technology

Nicky Clarke desired straighteners come with exciting technology. It features tourmaline, ionic and Nano silver nicky clarke straightenerstechnology which are essential ingredients to creating glossy and glamorous looking hair. The plates make it very easy to style hair because they flow through the hair effortlessly and don’t grab the hair or snag. They plates make it easy to style hair as waves or curls. The plates leave the hair shining and silky soft adding volume and body to it. These Nicky Clarke straighteners not only look luscious but they create stunning hair that exudes style and grace. They will help you achieve salon quality without spending salon amounts of money. You can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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Getting The Professional Look

You can achieve that professional look doing it yourself in the mirror. Straight hair doesn’t have to be dull and flat because these Nicky Clarke straighteners will make transform your hair into a glossy looking shadow of its former self. Nicky Clarke DesiRed straighteners heat up instantly and they are great and easy to use. The plates glide though the hair and only need to go over a section of hair once to straighten it. There are no problems having to repeatedly go over it to make it straight. Straightening it is fairly simple but gets better with practise. While straightening and reaching the ends, they should be slightly bent so the hair doesn’t look poker straight.

Instant heat

nicky clarke straightenersThese Nicky Clarke straighteners heat up virtually instantly and are quick and easy to use. The plates glide over hair well and leave it smooth and straight without having to go over the same section several times. Overall they are great for people who want ease of use, so they can plug in and go and are also really nice to look at, thus proving them a good all round product. My only quibble was the on/off switch, but this turned out to be a good thing really, as I previously mentioned. It is essential the hair has some products in it to protect it from overheating and containing fly aways.

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Longer Lasting Finish

Ceramic heating technology is a feature of these Nicky Clarke DesiRed straighteners. This technology makes the plates heat up rapidly. They heat up in less than 15 seconds and the hair is dried in half the time it takes to use other straighteners. The ceramic technology provides a longer lasting, smooth finish. These Nicky Clarke straighteners have digital controls that are very easy to use. There are three heating settings from low to high. This provides you with the optimum heat that suits your type of hair or the style that you want to create.  The temperature controls feature six settings allowing you total control for your specific needs.

230 Degrees Heat

The straighteners heat up to 230 degrees and have a heat ready indicator which indicates when the appliance is ready. nicky clarke straightenersDepending on your hair type, you can choose the temperature setting that suits your hair. Some hair needs more heat than other. The plates are sleek looking and permit you tackle a big chunk of hair at a time. These Nicky Clarke straighteners have an automatic shut off function that shuts down the appliance if it is not used within an hour or if it is accidentally left on. This is a safety feature which protects the appliance from catching on fire. There is also a swivel cord which prevents the cord from fraying and allows it to have a longer life and to perform better.

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These Nicky Clarke straighteners have a pretty long cord which allows you to move around the room while you are straightening your hair. This gives you freedom to multitask while doing your hair or allow you to do your hair while looking in the mirror if the power socket is not next to the mirror.

The Box contains:nicky clarke straighteners

  • 1 X Straightener

The downside is that these Nicky Clarke straighteners don’t last. These Nicky Clarke DesiRed straighteners break down within three months. They just won’t turn on. The reason for them packing up is not obvious. These Nicky Clarke DesiRed straighteners seem to have some fault. Even replacements suffer for no apparent reason. The controls of these straighteners are located close to the hot plates and are very dangerous. It is a bad design fault. The plates also don’t meet properly so you have to squeeze the plates together to ensure they work the hair. The gap between the plates is the biggest issue and if you don’t have thick hair, the straighteners won’t do a thing.

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