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Hello Kitty Hair Dryer Gift Set Review

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Paula Pegg

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On 27/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


Makes a perfect Christmas gift for young and young at hearts.

This Hello Kitty hair dryer comes as part of a Style Goddess Hair Dryer Set. It makes a perfect Christmas or birthday present if you don’t know what to buy the little goddess in your life. She will love for you this because it comes with quite a number of extras which will put a smile on her face. She’ll love you for it. Hello Kitty has been in the forefront for a while producing quality goods of a very high standard and there is no doubt that their success and popularity means they are doing something right.

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer Gift Set Review

hello kitty hair dryerThis Hello Kitty hair dryer is lightweight and compact as one would expect it to be. Its black and pink colours are quite disarming and you don’t expect a lot from it. However, this hair straightener comes with 2000 watts of high performance.

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That is a lot more power than a lot of hairdryers on the market today. Not only does the 2000 watt motor allow hair to dry fast, it comes with ceramic technology which balances heat, plus the hair dryer has a nozzle attachment to direct the air flow with precision to areas where it is required to achieve greater results. This dryer will put a lot of other brand names to shame with its capabilities and give them a run for their money. The results from such a lightweight and compact dryer are electrifying.

Adjustable Heat and Settings on Hello Kitty Hair Dryer

It doesn’t end there. This Hello Kitty hair dryer comes with two heat and speed settings which help you to choose the right temperature and airflow that works for your type of hair. It caters for all hair types. The high heat and speed settings are perfect for drying wet hair initially, while the other settings are better to put the finishing touches to the styling process. There is an additional cool setting which is for setting hair and holding it in style after the initial styling process. This package is quite serious and means business. It is accompanied by an instructional booklet with styling tips and all.

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer Comes with Mini Cushion Brush

This package actually puts a lot of other mainstream packages to shame with its accessories. This Hellohello kitty hair dryer Kitty hair dryer comes with a mini cushion brush that works properly. It is useful to use when styling during the drying process. This brush does the business; it doesn’t entangle wet hair. It is very good because it doesn’t catch onto the hair so the little goddess will love this extra in the gift set along with the hair straightener.

The brush will also come in handy when she is up and about and she needs a brush to keep her hair in style and tangle free throughout the day. So Hello Kitty actually came with a very practical set that won’t be forgotten soon. It will be used for a long while to come.

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Free Cosmetic Bag With Hello Kitty 5141HKNU

The gift set includes a lovely pink cosmetic bag to hold the brush and other smaller items. However, it is not big enough to hold the Hello Kitty hair dryer because it is too big for it. It is compact but not small enough to fit into the cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag will make her the centre of attention amongst her friends and she will love that because it is so cool. The bag will come in handy when travelling or nights when she is sleeping over.

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer Comes with 3 Year Guarantee

This Hello Kitty hair dryer comes with an astonishing three-year guarantee. That means Hello Kitty have a lot of faith in their product and its performance. Their made it with longevity in mind. Not a lot of other dryers, including high end brand names, offer such a guarantee. So what ever happens, you are guaranteed that Hello Kitty will cover repairs or replacements of broken parts for free and you don’t have to pay a thing because the manufacturer’s warranty has got your back.

hello kitty hair dryer

This gift set offers value for money. It is comforting knowing that you are covered and you can purchase this product with confidence that this is not money down the drain.

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Easy To Clean and Remove Hair

This Hello Kitty hair dryer is easy to clean to ensure it continually performs without losing power. It needs to have the filter cleaned which is very simple to do. A soft brush to remove and dust from the filter is recommended. However, the hair straightener must be switched off to ensure that no one gets electrocuted. Most dryers use their performance when their filters get clogged up with hair and dust or debris, so to retain the power of the 2000 watt motor, the filter needs regular cleaning. That way the product lasts longer and never loses its performance. There is no downside to this hair straightener.

The Hello Kitty hair dryer contains:hello kitty hair dryer

  • 1 X Instruction book
  • 1 X Dryer
  • 1 X Cosmetic bag
  • 1 X Mini brush

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The Hello Kitty hair dryer has the following features:

  • 3 year guarantee
  • 2 heat and speed settings and a cool shot function
  • Slim connector nozzle for concentrated airflow
  • A 2000W high performance dryer
  • Heat-balancing ceramic technology
  • A cut cosmetic bag
  • A mini cushion brush

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