Hair Straightener Reviews

There are numerous hair straighteners from all the leading manufacturers and they are promising you the world. They throw around glossy adds in print and captivating commercials on the television and online. You want the glamorous hair you see before you. The manufacturers’ promise you that you can have such fabulous hair if only you buy the latest gizmo. However, every manufacturer is promising you the magical solution to create the best hairstyle. They all tell you they have the best technology which ensures you the best results. How do you choose the best hair straighteners from all the appliances on offer? Hair Straightener Reviews gathered all the information you need to select the best hair straighteners. Our reviews breakdown all that you need to know to help you find the right one at the best price.

How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener Review

We gathered reviews from all the top players in the haircare industry such as Remington, BaByliss, ghd, Nicky Clarke, FHI and others. Now, all you need to do is browse through the reviews to find the best hair straighteners and see what the feedback says. How do they perform? Do they live up to your expectations? Hair Straightener Reviews has done all the hard work for you so that you don’t have to spend time and money trying to locate the right one. All the information you need is available at the click of your mouse.

Hair Straightener Reviews made the job of finding the  best hair straighteners that much simpler. In a matter of a few minutes, you will know all you need to know about which straighteners get the job done and which don’t. You will also learn about the different technologies and features all the top manufacturer’s offer and which actually deliver what they promise.

FHI Heat Platform Ceramic Hair Straighteners DomedThe key to understanding what works is getting an insight into the features and technology on offer and see what works for your type of hair. Some straighteners deliver what they say on the box but they may not be the right product for your hair but the reviews of the best hair straighteners will help you make the right choice saving you from the disappointment of buying the wrong straightener to style your hair. The downside of the reviews offer the most revealing information and this section comes specially recommended.

Top Tips

 Hair Straightener Reviews sets out the following points to keep in mind when looking for the best hair straighteners:

  • Price: The best straighteners are not necessarily the most expensive.
  • Aesthetics: Pretty looking straighteners don’t always deliver in the performance arena.  Sometimes too much emphasis was placed on the aesthetics and not the technical issues.
  • Watts: It is worth noting the power a straightener has;   it determines how it gets the job done and if it is capable of generatingNicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Straightener enough heat. The highest settings work for some hair which might be kinky, thick or curly but not on soft or long hair.
  • Cord: Straighteners with swivel cords generally have a longer shelf life because their cords don’t fray and they have less chances of shorting.
  • Extras: It is worth noting the extra features some straighteners possess. Some are essential especially when it comes to styling or setting your hair.
  • Value For Money: There are straighteners that may be not so expensive but do all they say they will do on the box and have no downsides; these offer better value for money unlike those that promise you the world but deliver the air.
  • Technologies: It is worth noting what technologies straighteners offer as some are more appropriate to some hair type than others. Understand them to avoid disappointment.

Types Of Hair Straighteners

  1.  Traditional: These were very popular before the recent improvements in technology. They heated up very slowly and took a long time before they were ready for use because they were using metal and glass plates. The damage they did to hair was detrimental as they fried it and caused a lot of frizz. They also had a very short life span and were dirt cheap. However, they made hair straightening a lot easier and set the foundation for the growth of the haircare industry and subsequent developments within it.
  2. Ceramic Plated: The ceramics are created using non metallic materials and recycled packaging which gives them eco friendly credentials. Most straighteners fall into this category. They heat up rapidly or within a matter of seconds. They distribute heat evenly, avoiding hot spots and hair damage. The ceramic plates have properties that make your hair silky soft and smooth. Glass and metal plates used to be the norm but they have been overtaken by ceramics today because they have a longer life span. Ceramics heat up instantly and evenly unlike glass and metal and their temperature remains constant doing away with the damage caused by hot spots which was a major flaw of metal and glass plates. That made them less desirable as stylers; consequently, ceramics became the peoples’ favourite.The heat ceramics create can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees which is essential for straightening
    Remington S9500 Pearl Hair Straightenerthick, curly or kinky hair. They function a lot better and actually straighten hair and make it smoother. While it is straightening the hair, the ceramic straightener conditions the hair and adds glow and shine to it which is why the hair looks more radiant after a session with a ceramic hair straightener. So the claim that these kind of straighteners add shine to your hair is very true; however, expect to pay a little bit more for these beauties. So in a nutshell, ceramics are smoother, hotter and faster than traditional straighteners.
  3. Titanium: These are lightweight and strong. Titanium is renowned for its high temperature consistency. It is also resistant to corrosion plus it has a higher ionic output to ensure sleeker and shinier hair. They are great ergonomics wise; you don’t get a sore arm while straightening your hair. Like the ceramics, they heat up within a matter of seconds and they generate a lot of heat which is distributed uniformly making it easier to style your hair and produce beautiful results. Titanium is the latest technology compared to ceramics. Their surface is smoother and their plates are more durable ensuring more durability. They also tend to pull the hair less and snag less too. They emit more heat which infiltrates the hair from the interior radiating outwards and as a result straighten hair a lot better, resulting in less damage.
  4.  Tourmaline: This material is derived from semi-precious stones which are broken down into fine particles and coated with ceramic plates. So in the truest essence, they are a combination of materials. They have a higher composition of negative ions which ensure better results in the hair stakes. These straighteners have tourmaline added to the plates that produce negative ions when heated; the ions work the hair and destroy bacteria and fungi to produce healthy, shining and silky hair. It takes care of frizz. This technology works on people with unmanageable and curly hair. They also tend to be higher up in the expenses stakes so these kinds of straighteners naturally cost a lot more money.
  5. Nano-ceramic: Nano stifles the growth of bacteria and prohibits the chemical build up that created bad odours. As stated above, these materials are combinations of materials and are a new material that is appearing in the latest straighteners. They generate heat rapidly and have a smoother surface resulting in better, sleeker and shiner hair.
  6. Silver: Silver naturally possesses anti-bacterial properties which kill bacteria on the scalp. Consequently, it is the perfect material for hair straighteners and when blended with ceramic technology provide smoother, scratch-less plates which glide effortlessly through hair creating hair that is soft and silky. Because of the smoothness of the plates, there is less snagging or pulling of the hair. It also eliminates frizz because of the smoothness of the plates and even distribution and consistency of the heat

Hair Straightener Reviews

– What to Lookout For

Pay attention to Hair Straightener Reviews especially the downside section. This section breaks down the problems or negatives associated with each straightener. Some don’t have downsides so that is a plus and Remington S9500 Pearl Hair Straightenerthose straighteners tend to provide better value for your money.

  •  Some straighteners don’t provide as much heat as they promise on their packaging.
  •  There are straighteners that don’t do what they say on the box and some that do. The downside clarifies that so that you get to choose only the best hair straighteners.
  • Some straighteners are ideal for only certain types of hair so it pays to read the reviews and see what works best for your hair.
  • There are straighteners that work intermittently or pack up after a few months because they have design flaws.
  • There are issues with some of the cables hissing or crackling maybe due to a design fault.
  • There are straighteners with LED lights and some of these tend to play up; therefore, you never know what the issue is with them.
  •  Some appliances have on/ off buttons near the hot plates and this makes them dangerous to use as you can burn your fingers. Keep the safety matter in the back of your mind. Take note where the reviews mention that.
  • Some products like most are not designed for left handed users as usual.
  • The plates of some straighteners don’t meet; therefore, they can’t clamp the hair and straighten it out as they should.
  • Some straighteners don’t have an adjustable temperature switch/ button so you don’t have the opportunity to choose the temperature that is suitable for straightening your hair.
  • Don’t depend on brand names but rather what they do for your hair. Hair Straightener Reviews points this where it applies and helps you locate the best hair straighteners.