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GHD IV Mini Styler

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Paula Pegg

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On 17/01/2014
Last modified:10/01/2014


Style, quality and innovation in hair straightening.

ghd straighteners have set a benchmark for style, quality and innovation. Cheap ghd straighteners are at the forefront of revolutionising the haircare industry by making style accessible to the people at less than salon price. ghd have set a high benchmark for others to follow and risen to the top of the game through salon and celebrity endorsements. Their limited editions of new ghd straighteners which are cheap permit people to experiment and style their hair in ways which were previously unthinkable. The ghd IV Mini Styler continues this tradition, opening new frontiers to make people look good.

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Improved Temperature Control

These cheap ghd straighteners come with a whole array of wonderful features. They are wonderfully designed and easy to use; they are not too big and awkward to use. The feature improved temperature cheap ghd straightenerscontrol and heat up within seconds of switching them on. Within seconds, an LED light beeps, warning you that they are ready for use. There is no time spent wasting for them to warm up. They tackle long or short hair equally well.

Slimmer Ceramic Plates

Within seconds, the cheap ghd straighteners heat up super fast and work so well you only need to pass the ceramic plates and barrel once over your hair to get short hair straight, which is a bonus for hair because if you have to work one section continually, there are more chances of burning your hair. The improved temperature provides allows you to style the hair well. The ceramic plates are much slimmer and get closer to the scalp and really make a difference. They are great for men’s short hair and women’s longer hair to achieve tighter curls. You feel more confident using these ghd straighteners though they appear cheap but they are so easy to handle because they are so light and have good grip. This straightener works the hair smoothly and easily. The short parts can be styled well without burning your fingers or scalp during the process.

ghd IV Mini Styler

Although you can purchase these ghd straighteners cheap, the rounder barrels that come with the ghd IVcheap ghd straighteners Mini Styler don’t perform cheaply; they allow you to style your hair and achieve salon like waves, straight hair, flicks or curls with minimal effort and hassle. It is amazing how simple it is easy to get that salon look using such cheap ghd straighteners. The smaller plates are great at styling precise flicks and getting nearer to the scalp. They also allow you to create straight spikes or do for softer edges. They are great because you can create a variety of styles. The curls that are created stay in for even longer. It is impressive what they can do.

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Great Features

Purchasing these ghd straighteners cheap might make people doubt their effectiveness but they are durable and some with loads of great features. These are great for those people who have a tendency to leave plug sockets on. There is no problem with these cheap ghd straighteners because the sleep mode facility turns off the heater if it is not used within half an hour. That is a great safety mechanism. It also has an on/ off switch which allows you to switch off the straightener without resorting to unplugging the appliance. It is safe and secure even if you forget to switch the plug off. In addition, you can travel with the straightener and you still receive universal voltage and the best performance wherever you are. You cheap ghd straightenersdon’t have to worry about purchasing a second straightener to use at your destination. Their small size makes them the perfect accessory to pack into the suitcase.

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These cheap ghd straighteners come with swivel cord attachment with prevents the cable from twisting and ultimately fraying, rendering the appliance unusable. It helps to preserve the longevity of the product because if the cord constantly twists it might cause wires to break and short the appliance. Although you might purchase these ghd straighteners cheap, you can always verify it is the real thing and eradicate your doubts. The ghd IV Mini Styler comes with a hologram which verifies that the product is authentic. You can verify the authenticity by registering it on ghd’s official website. The lastcheap ghd straighteners feature is the shiver mode which protects the appliance from condensation. If the temperature is too low, the straighteners shut down to protect themselves until the temperature rises. This little appliance is very smart. It comes with unique digital technology which will help you get the most out of it.

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The box contains:

  • 1 X Instruction booklet
  • 1 X ghd IV Styler Collection Mark 4 Mini hair straightener


The ghd IV Styler has a problem. It constantly beeps and then switches off. Even the replacement does the same thing. There are problems with crackling noises coming from the cable. The replacements are no better as well as some don’t even switch on. They are very good when they are working. They do all they say on the box. The heat from these straighteners is not that hot. Other makes heat up more than the ghd IV Styler.

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