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GHD Hair Straightener IV Styler

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Paula Pegg

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On 10/01/2014
Last modified:10/01/2014


Nice package, pampers your hair evenly.

The ghd IV Styler comes in a neat, stylised package. The package is so elegant it would make a special present, even if that meant spoiling yourself. This is one package you’ll definitely love because you’ll be able to pamper yourself unreservedly. The design of this ghd hair straightener is sleek and alluring. But it doesn’t stop there; it comes with a whole array of brilliant features that allow you to do more than you have ever been able to do with your hair before. ghd have built a cult like following spanning different countries through salon and celebrity endorsements. They are leaders in the market and many people follow their products to keep up to date with the latest trends and hairstyles. This straightener does exactly that.

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Ultimate Styling Tool

ghd hair straightenersThis ghd hair straightener is the ultimate hair styling tool. It works equally well on people with short, long or medium hair. It allows you to create a multitude of styles such as flicks, waves or curls. You can warp your hair around the floating plates and barrels which allow an even allocation of pressure and heat through your hair to create the style you choose. They are so easy to use even if you don’t have any experience styling hair. It is all so straightforward. The plates heat up within seconds and glide through the hair without tangling. The ghd IV Styler is a very versatile styler.

Ceramic Coated

This ghd hair straightener heats up within seconds and the plates which are ceramic coated regulate the temperature and heat well allowing you to make shoulder length hair perfectly straight, smooth and glossy within 15 minutes or less. Curling your hair is simple and takes about 20 minutes and with a bit of practise tight spirals or waves are within your fingertips at no time at all. The great news is that you can do this at home and don’t have to pay salon prices to obtain salon quality. You do it yourself.

Brilliant Features

The ghd IV Styler comes with many brilliant features as expected from a ghd hair straightener. It has a sleep mode which means they switch themselves off and go to sleep after thirty minutes if you don’t use them within that time. So if you ever forget to switch them off while you dash out, there is no need to ghd hair straightenersworry. They will not burn the house. The go to sleep automatically and go into that safe mode and save the electricity and reduce the chances of a fire breaking out.

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Intelligent Design

They are intelligently designed. The ghd hair straightener is light and manoeuvrable making it very comfortable to work with. You don’t end up with an aching arm while doing your hair. They’ve got the ergonomics right. The ghd IV Styler heats quickly and you don’t have to keep an eye on them while they are lying on the mat. When they are hot, they beep to alert you that they are read to go. That is really clever. The long cable is also useful as you don’t have to strain to reach the mirror. They offer that little bit of flexibility.

Rounder Barrel

The rounder barrel is a greater feature. Practise to get the curls right is helpful and so is spending a few minutes watching the DVD instructions to master the technique. It doesn’t take time but it is important ghd hair straightenersto turn the iron early at the tip of the hair strand and using the barrel to get the right curl. It is not difficult but watching the DVD does help in a lot of ways to ensure you get it right because it increases the body and volume of your hair. This ghd hair straightener is really good because there are no complicated buttons to flip through or distract you; there is just a simple on and off switch.

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2 Year Guarantee

This ghd hair straightener comes with a two year guarantee meaning that you can buy the ghd IV Styler with confidence knowing that you have a manufacturer’s warranty covering you in the event of any problems. All repairs or replacement of parts will be replaced free of charge which is great news. It illustrates ghd’s commitment to the quality of their product. They are confident that it will last and that is why they offered you a tow year guarantee.


The ghd IV Styler has a hologram which you can use to double check the product is an original and that you have the real deal. It also comes with a swivel cord attachment which prevents the cord from twisting up and making the product difficult to use or end up with the wires fraying, rendering the straightener unusable.

The box contains:ghd hair straighteners

  • 1 X Instruction booklet
  • 1X ghd IV Styler

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The straightener includes the following features

  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Advanced ceramic heater technology helps you create a smooth, professional finish
  • ghd Mark IV styler has a round barrel for creating curls, flicks, waves or straight hair
  • Includes universal voltage so you get optimum performance wherever you travel
  • Automatic sleep mode safely turns the heaters off the styler if left unattended for 30 minutes


The downside is that these straighteners work well for a few months and then the LED lights start to flash uncontrollably. They don’t last very long. In addition, the cable starts to hiss at the point where it is connected to the straightener. Some just give up and die without warning but while they are working they are brilliant. There seems to be a tendency to over heat and the internal wiring breaks and shorts, rendering the straighteners dead.

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