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GHD Air Hair Dryer

Product Review:
Paula Pegg

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On 24/12/2013
Last modified:10/01/2014


Promises more power, more pressure and more style.

The ghd Air is a stunning and eye catching hair dryer. This ghd Air hair dryer promises more power, more pressure and more style. And if ghd says it, they probably mean it. After all, they are a brand that a lot of professional hairstylists opt for. Their products are stocked in hair salons up and down the country. The packaging that accompanies this ghd Air hair dryer makes a statement of its own. It’s so perfect; it would make the ideal gift for someone special or yourself.

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2100 Watts

The ghd Air comes with 2100 watts of motor power to blow you away. That is more power than a lot oghd air hair dryerf other hairdryers on the market today. It is perfect for people with long and thick hair that normally takes ages to dry out. This dryer dries out normal hair in half the time it takes to do other hair. You can buy a diffuser for it which works well on curly hair. The reduced drying time is incredible and the results are even better. It leaves hair with a great finish. Although this dryer dries hair quickly, it does it with control, leaving the hair with great body and shine. You’ll look as if you just waltzed from the hairdressers.

Extra Attachments

ghd air hair dryer

This ghd Air hair dryer is accompanied by two attachments which are fabulous for styling; especially, if you were looking for a dryer that looks like the one your stylists works his/ her magic that includes the narrow opening on the nozzle to direct the air more precisely and concentrate the airflow on specific areas. This product gives you two of those attachments and they are easy to attach and detach. They also make styling your hair that much easier which is perfect if you are want a good hair day every day.

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Ionic Technology

The ghd Air features ionic technology which helps to dry the hair without frizzing and gives it a silky smooth finish making it easier to straighten. If you once had problems with frizzy hair, you’ll love drying your hair with this ghd Air hair dryer. It also features temperature controls that regulate the heat and speed of airflow. You can choose which settings work best for your type of hair, guaranteeing you greater control over how you style and set your hair. The cool shot is actually cold air not warm air. This cool air is great when trying to set hair after styling it with hot air.

Ergonomic Design

This ghd Air hair dryer is great because of its ergonomic design. It is virtually easy to use for both leftghd air hair dryer and handed people. It’s not every day you come across tools made with left handed people in mind. The ghd Air has a well constructed, tapering handle which provides good grip and is very comfortable to use. It also has a loop on the end of the handle to hang it on a hook and peg after use. So that is the storage sorted out. It won’t end up cluttering the dressing table. It is a common feature you find with dryers used by professionals. The 3 metre cable is another common feature associated with professional hairdryers. The long cable permits you to move around the room while you are drying your hair.

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Sleek And Professional

This ghd Air hair dryer is well packaged and looks very sleek and professional. It is a very sophisticated dryer which cools and heats depending on what your aim is. It switches from hot to cold air at the flick of a button which is good news and makes drying and styling hair so much easier. With the different settings, you can control how you dry your hair which makes it easier to curl or straighten it afterwards. Although, it feels slightly light, it is solid and handles well for a powerful dryer. It is possible to achieve salon results at home without having to pay salon prices and that is something that a lot of women will love. The box contains:

  • 2 x Concentrator nozzlesghd air hair dryer
  • 1 x ghd air hair dryer

The ghd Air features:

  • 3-metre power cable
  • Variable power and temperature controls including cool shot
  • Professional strength 2100W Ac at 240V
  • Advanced ionic technology
  • Ergonomic design for right and left handed users

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This dryer is actually a bit on the heavier side. It is okay in the salon because someone else is holding the dryer and using it. However, when you are using the dryer at home, it leaves your arm aching after a while.  The nozzle is the biggest issue with this dryer. When you use the nozzles for directional heat, they slide over the end of the dryer and won’t stay in position. They spin around or drop off. When they are spinning and you try to fix them, they are impossible because the nozzle will be too hot and you have to be careful of burning your fingers. You need to use a towel to handle them. So that is not a very good sign. The more times  you use the connector nozzles the harder they are to attach. That is the biggest downside to this product.



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