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FHI Heat Platform Ceramic Hair Straighteners Domed

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Paula Pegg

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On 28/01/2014
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Just so cool you need to try them out.

The FHI ranges are the professionals’ choice. They were and still are the rage at the Oscars. To top it up, they are award winners. And if they are good enough for the stars and good enough to win swards, the FHI straighteners are definitely good enough for us mere mortals. There has to be something they are doing right. Their popularity is also peaking on Youtube with loads of people at home doing product reviews and some pretty amazing stuff.

It might be worth watching some videos and see how other people at home are creating amazing hairstyles within the comforts of their home without any special effects or editing to hide what they are doing. FHI straighteners are just so cool you have to try them out.

Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

These hair straighteners come with ceramic tourmaline technology. It works wonders when applied to fhi straightenersdry, coarse and damaged hair. This technology works on people with unmanageable and curly hair as well. FHI have a winning concept which they stick to in all their products and allows them to deliver the same results over and over again with repeated success. Their FHI straighteners have a triple layer of baked ceramic plates. These are treated with tourmaline and they are resistant to scratches. The tourmaline treated plates emit high negative ions which lock in humidity and reject static.

Kill Fungi And Bacteria

Their technology utilises negative ions which neutralise positive irons found in damaged hair. This permits the hair to become smoother and flatter and more refined. The plates of the FHI  straighteners are constructed out of ceramic tourmaline. The plates broadcast heat uniformly across the full spectrum, subtracting hot spots that are redundant or damaging. The ceramic emissions allow fhi straightenersthe hair to preserve moisture through a process where the ceramic gives out a natural stream of ions and glowing warmth. The negative ions eliminate the reproduction of fungi in bacteria and the outcome is a healthy scalp and hair.

The ions are strong enough to rupture collections or groups of water molecules and facilitate its entry into the hair. The results are hair that is shiny, glossy and absolutely transformed. This gives the hair its naturally beautiful look. The shininess and fewer frizzes are a result of the straightening process which is simply due to the negative ions added by the tourmaline.

Automatic Sense Recovery System

The FHI straighteners use a feature called Automatic Sense Recovery system. In a nutshell, this feature rejuvenates heat very rapidly. It only takes about half a minute to reach 200 degrees from the normal temperature. These hair straighteners have a temperature range stretching from 60 to 210 degrees which is suitable for all hair types and caters for damp to dry hair.

These  FHI straighteners permit you to try out any hairstyle you choose from curls, flips to straight hair. The lower settings are perfect for fine and soft hair while the higher temperatures are suitable for thick or kinky hair. The irons are very versatile and that is why they are popular with professionals and stars.

Snag Proof Corners

fhi straightenersThe on/ off switch is located between the elbow of the straighteners and the plates. A LED light also warns you when the irons are ready for use. The FHI hair straighteners heat up within seconds are ready for use in no time at all so the light serves as a warning to let you know they are hot and ready.

The irons have snag proof corners that prevent hair from getting trapped between the plates. The plates slide ever so smoothly permitting you to create curvaceous curls, fabulous flips and tantalising twists.

Nano Silver, Nano Titanium and Nano Titanium Oxide Technology

A swivel power cord is another feature that comes with the FHI straighteners. That prevents them from fraying or snapping which could cause a short circuit. It also helps to prolong the life and performance of the hair straighteners. The straighteners are also generous on the power consumption. They have 58 watts.

Another great feature they have is the Nano Silver, Nano Titanium and Nano Titanium Oxide technology which eliminate chemicals and bacteria and adds shine. The result is less frizz and more glowing, happy hair that will love you and make you look good. The technology is also good at protecting the colour in your hair whether it is natural or dyed and it retards fading.

Floating and Bevelled Plates

fhi straightenersThe floating and bevelled plates are perfect for creating waves, ringlets, waves and curls. The plates are about 18mm and ideal for grabbing clumps of hair and straightening it. You can clearly see the transformation of the hair as you straighten it, transforming from lacklustre hair to silky soft and shining. It really tames thick hair and makes it straight and you don’t have to constantly repeat sections of the hair. Just one grip of the hair and the irons glide through effortlessly.

The plates have a bumpy surface to help grip the hair and straighten it or create a more natural waves or whatever style you like. The FHI  straighteners give you the freedom to experiment and produce a professional looking hairdo at home.


There are no downsides to this product. It does what it says it will do and it provides great value for money. This is probably why it is hot stuff with professionals, stars and a growing army of home reviewers on Youtube. See it for yourself. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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