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ETI Hair Dryer Turbo 2000 Salon Professional Hair Dryer Black

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Paula Pegg

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On 20/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


Its design is retro and it comes in a glossy black.

The first time you set your eyes on the ETI hair dryer, you are struck by its stylish design. Its design is retro and it comes in a glossy black with colour coded switches which makes it stand out. It is no surprise that the design is so stylish because we have come to associate Italian manufactured goods with style. Powerful engines and cars like the Ferrari and Lamborghini are other things we associate with the Italians. This new hairdryer is a turbo dryer so naturally we expect that its motor or engine is designed to operate at high speed and dry hair at super-fast speeds. The expectations of the Turbodryer 2000 Salon Professional Hair Dryer couldn’t be low.

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Turbocharged Motor

ETI hair dryers couldn’t have set themselves a higher standard by promising so much in one package.eti hair dryer With its turbocharged motor, this hair dryer had to be more powerful and efficient than other motors or conventional dryers because turbocharged engines force more air and fuel into the chamber which make them more powerful. This ETI hair dryer is faster and the smooth airflow gives it a competitive edge over other top names in the haircare industry. The results are great and it looks great too.

Pinpoint Airflow

This 2000 Salon Professional hair Dryer from ETI hair dryers features a slim, cylindrical barrel which permits you to pinpoint the airflow with precision where you need the airflow to work the hair and dry it, leaving it silky smooth. The concentrated airflow makes the look great; the effect achieved is more sleek and professional than other hairdryers. ETI hair dryers certainly know how to deliver a great package such as the fantastically slim concentrator nozzle that is easy to attach to the dryer and provide you with greater control over where you direct the airflow to dry your hair that much faster.

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6 Speed and Heat Settings

eti hair dryerThis ETI hair dryer has 6 speed and heat settings that allow you to set the right amount of heat that works for your type of hair, length, thickness and shape. The switches are easy to locate and find an appropriate setting. ETI hair dryers got the switches in the right place for this dryer which are in the right place; you can’t accidentally press the wrong button as what normally happens when you are working with other dryers. That is fantastic because you don’t need to stop and look for the right switch and then resume drying your hair again. It is all done in one seamless action with this device. You can access the switches easily with your thumb and finger which is great because it is so easy to handle.

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Removable Filter Cap

Cleaning this ETI hair dryer is also pretty straightforward. The rear has a removable filter cap; this makes cleaning it very easy. Inevitably, bits of hair and fluff or dust are sucked into the dryer and eventually affect the performance of the dryer when the filter and motor are clogged up. The maintenance of this dryer allows you to prolong its life and performance. This will give it longevity.

Robust And Built To Last

eti hair dryerIt is hard to believe that such a beautiful device is strong but this is the same model used in salons across the country. It is made for professional use so it is no surprise that it is so robust and built to last heavy duty work. It is probably the Italian in them that makes them so tough. But what can one expect from motors made in Italy? Remember this is the same country that gave us the Ferrari and Lamborghini. It has to do with the Italian design; they make things to last. This ETI hair dryer also has a pretty long cable which allows you to move around the room while your are drying your hair.

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Easy Storage

The long cable is a feature you normally associate with a salon and it is clear why this dryer from ETI hair dryerseti hair dryer is called the Turbodryer 2000 Salon Professional Hair Dryer. It was inspired for use in the salon. As a dryer inspired by the salon, this ETI hair dryer also has a loop on the sole of the handle to hang it on a peg or hanger when not in use. That is good because it can be stored out of the way without cluttering the dressing table or taking up too much space.

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Light, Fast And Easy To Handle

It’s very light which is great because it doesn’t leave your arm aching after use. It is fast and easy to handle with a grip which has sexy contours. It performs brilliantly for a dryer with only 1500 watts but that probably that has to do with the efficiency of the turbo motor which is obviously more efficient than other dryers. The difference tells. There is no downside to this product from ETI hair dryers. It is a great product that is powerful and leaves hair looking great. The concentrator nozzle is fantastic as it doesn’t fly off the dryer while in use as others do. It is also easy to clean the removable rear filter to ensure that there is no drop in performance. It is a great product for a good price. It provides good value for money. These are the features you can expect from it:

  • 2 Speed/ 4 Heat Settings
  • Contoured easy grip handle
  • 1500 Watt
  • Ultra Slim Concentrator nozzle included
  • Stylish black salon dryer with ultra fast air flow
  • Removable rear filter

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