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The Cloud Nine Original Iron

Product Review:
Paula Pegg

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On 24/01/2014
Last modified:28/11/2013


Chosen by celebrity stylists all-around the world.

Cloud Nine is not one of those regular brands that a lot of people are familiar with. But every once in a while a brand strikes like a bolt from the blue and breaks the mould. The Original Iron from Cloud 9 straighteners is one such product. It is a multi award winning appliance and the straightener for celebrity stylists around the world. It is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. The Original Iron is sleek and stylish and looks that bit different. It has a great array of features that are worth exploring. Cloud nine straighteners come shrouded in mystery. Their straighteners have an unidentified substance that leaves your hair shiny and sparkling after using the ceramic plates plus innovative technology.

One Touch Control

cloud 9 straightenersThis award winning appliance from Cloud nine straighteners features a one touch control that allows you to choose from an array of temperature settings from high to low the optimum temperature that works for your type of hair. It is accompanied by an LED screen where you can see the temperature that you have chosen to work with. The one touch temperature allows you to control the temperature with ease and departs from the switches that other straighteners use and make them look slightly archaic and dated. This innovative control allows you to style hair from temperatures ranging from 100 to 200 degrees. That is hot!

Magical Substance

Cloud 9 straighteners are suitable for many kinds of hair. Their unique temperature control gives users the freedom to experiment and create all kinds of styles. There is no limit to what you can do with it whether that is creating curls, flicks, smooth or straight hair at relatively low temperatures which leave your hair sparkling and shining like never before courtesy of a magical substance coating their black ceramic plates.

Special And Mysterious Ingredient

Out with the terrible switches that accidentally switch appliances off while straightening hair and in with the new. All cloud 9 straightenersyou need to do to change the heat is simply tap on the button to raise or lower the heat as you choose. Cloud 9 straighteners have an unidentified “special and mysterious ingredient” that leaves your hair shining and sparkling but it remains unnamed and a specially kept secret. Well, one thing for sure, it must work if it keeps celebrity clientele like Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Knightley, Justin Timberlake and Johnny Deep happy. If it’s good for the stars then it must be good for everyone else.

Instantaneous Changes

Cloud nine straighteners have black ceramic plates which glide through hair like a hot knife through butter and there is no drag at all. Within seconds, they are hot and leave perfectly straight hair using half the heat most other straighteners use. You control the heat using simple taps of your heat and the changes are just as instantaneous. The mysterious and unidentified substance that makes hair shine and sparkle sparkles so subtly on the ceramic plates and leaves your hair looking magically transformed as if by some alchemy. It truly leaves your hair super soft and looking gorgeous. The effects will leave strangers in the street straining their necks to catch a glimpse of your stunning hairdo.

Unlocking The Creative stylist

cloud 9 straightenersWhenever you use the Original Iron your hair will be magically transformed by this mysterious substance. Cloud 9 straighteners give you the confidence the style your hair as you choose and transform it into styles beyond your wildest dreams. They unlock the creative stylist in you and let you work without any worries. After use, the irons are supposed to be clasped together and the accompanying sleep guard placed over the nose of the Cloud nine straighteners so that they can cool off. When they sense that you are done working, sleep technology takes over and lets them switch off if they re not used for about half an hour.

Unique Identification Number

Cloud 9 straighteners have innovative technology or an identification chip that has the straighteners’ unique identification code, which allows the appliance to be verified, monitored and tracked while it is still in working condition that it is the real thing and sold via only authorised dealers. It also comes with a swivel cord that prevents the appliance from malfunctioning. Cloud nine straighteners come packaged in a luxurious carry pouch for easy storage. This straightener has the following features:

  • Identification chip
  • Black Ceramic plates
  • Swivel Cord
  • One touch temperature control
  • Luxurious carry pouch

A Year’s Guarantee

Cloud 9 straighteners come with a year’s guarantee covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It covers you for repairs or replacements of broken parts. All you have to do to activate your warranty is register on the Cloud Nine website.

The box comes with:cloud 9 straighteners

  • Protective Heat Guard
  • The Cloud Nine Original Iron
  • Luxurious Carry Pouch


The Original Iron is not very robust but very tinny. The on/ off buttons are too close to the hot plates and not really comfortable that close to them. They could have been located in a better place. In addition, they are not ideal for long, thick hair or thick, curly hair. They drag and you can hear the hair snagging. Whenever you turn the straighteners on, they immediately return to the default temperature so they require constant adjusting. Their controls are designed for right handed people as most things are and are not suitable for left handers although once they get your hair straight it stays straight. The controls are a disappointment though.

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