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BaByliss Straighteners 2337U Wave Envy Styler

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Paula Pegg

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On 07/01/2014
Last modified:02/12/2013


Looking good has never been this fun

This BaByliss straighteners is creating waves and is the envy of many manufacturers of similar products in the industry. The BaByliss Wave Envy is a head turner from one of the leaders of innovative and stylish products. It is set to make creating waves easy and accessible to everyone who has ever wanted to create waves but lacked the technical know how. Now, the technology is within arms reach and making waves is never going to be the same again.

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Creating Waves

babyliss straightenersThis BaByliss straighteners is changing how women up and down the country style their hair. If you have straight hair and have spent countless hours trying to create waves using curling tongs and rollers, there is no need to fret and worry. Waves are now within your grasp within a few easy steps. The great news is you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time or money to achieve those wavy locks that you previously could only dream about or wish for. The BaByliss Wave Envy does all the hard work for you and allows you to spend the rest of the day having a good time and looking good, killing two birds with one stone and no one has to know your secret.

Simple To Create

All it takes is a few minutes pressing your hair between the ceramic plates and barrels of this BaByliss straighteners. Just a few minutes and you will have natural looking waves adorning your shoulders. It is so simple you don’t need a stylist to recreate the look and you don’t spend fistfuls of money to achieve the look. You can repeat it over and over again with better results every time, turning heads wherever you go. Thanks to the technology from BaByliss your hair will never be the same again.

Rollers And Tongs Are History

babyliss straightenersHard work is no longer a necessity to achieve beautiful, natural looking waves when you have the BaByliss Wave Envy to cut corners to achieve guaranteed results. Salon appointments, rollers and curling tongs are so yesterday because you can create waves in the comfort of your home at your own time. You’ll be spoiled with compliments from friends and admirers of the new you. This BaByliss straighteners allows you to create defined waves when you are going out at night. A hint of spray can help you to keep the waves in tact but it is unnecessary because you can use it without spray as an everyday product to style your hair. This allows you to create less intense waves that appear natural. The results look so much different from using rollers or curling irons. You achieve salon results without paying the price or setting foot in one. the results are truly professional with less effort.

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Longer Lasting Results

The ceramic plates and barrels heat up rapidly and the heat doesn’t fluctuate while in use permitting you to choose the optimum temperature to style your hair. The results last a longer time. The straightener has a LED light that flashes while it is heating up and once the desired heat is reached, it isbabyliss straighteners ready to go. The light is steady and you can start styling your hair. The straightener can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius so you have quite a range to play with depending on the type of hair you have and the style you want. Creating waves with the  BaByliss straighteners is as simple as straightening your hair with a straightener. It doesn’t require technical skill. All you need to do is clamp your hair in crimps for a few seconds and within a few minutes, your hair will be completely transformed with frolicking waves cascading from the top of your hair downwards.

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Three Heat Settings

The BaByliss Wave Envy comes with three heat settings, allowing you to choose the optimum heat setting that works for you. It has a heat mat which comes in handy when you are heating the BaByliss straighteners. The straightener heats up pretty quickly; for example, it takes a minute to heat up on the medium setting. You can style your hair and achieve many different looks with this piece of kit and add body or volume to your hair. You are spoilt for choice.

Great Features

The BaByliss Wave Envy has some great features. If you accidentally forget to switch it off, it has an automatic shut off which kicks in after about 70 minutes to avoid accidents and it saves you power. The long cord allows you to move about the room while you are creating waves. You are not stuck close to the babyliss straightenerssocket. It is good news especially if you love multitasking while you are working your hair.

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The Key features of this product include:

  • Cool tip for safety use and ease of use
  • Ceramic plate and barrels
  • Up to 200°C high heat performance
  • 2.5m salon style swivel cord
  • 3 heat settings for all hair styles


This is not ideal for long and thick hair. It doesn’t really work the wonders promised on long hair. There were complaints that it produced more of a “crimp” and some compared it to an electrocuted 1980’s mermaid if such a thing exists. But then you get the gist. The product itself is good and there are not many faults with it except that it doesn’t quite work for long, thick hair. It also not good for people with long hair that has layers.

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