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BaByliss Hair Dryer 5560CU Elegance 2100W

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Paula Pegg

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On 10/12/2013
Last modified:28/12/2013


Aesthetically elegant with blueberry finish.

BaByliss’ reputation precedes it as a leading manufacturer of top notch hairdryers and other appliances. Their products are endorsed by professionals as appliances you can use at home to achieve that salon look. So when you purchase their products, you expect fabulous results whether you are at home or in the salon. Every time a BaByliss hair dryer drops you prepare yourself to be blown away. The BaByliss Pro is elegant. Aesthetically, it is faultless with its blueberry finish. It appears to live up to the high standards set by BaByliss.

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Salon Quality Power

The appropriately named blueberry is slick and shiny, it is deceptively alluring, you wouldn’t expect it tobabyliss hair dryer have a powerful 2100 watt motor. This BaByliss Pro delivers salon quality power and performance which is almost double the air pressure of other dryers. For such a powerful dryer, it is surprisingly mute. The BaByliss hair dryer delivers a strong current of air, while the tapered nozzle directs the powerful air stream though your hair, working it as you need it. The nozzle allows you to concentrate the air where you need it. The torque on the matter drives an air flow that dries out hair in not time at all. That is perfect if you are in a hurry or need to try out some outfits before stepping out with salon quality hair. The performance is impressive for such a low priced hair dryer. The concentrator nozzle sits snugly and securely and works well to give hair a nice shine.

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Compact And Lighter

The BaByliss hair dryer is a lot more compact and lighter than expected. It doesn’t look that heavy. Its boxed weight is just under a kilogram. So it packs a surprise too. This makes it easy to handle and it is good for people with arthritis or elderly people who have trouble holding up heavier dryers for extended periods of time. It is ergonomically sound and makes working with it a pleasure as you don’t suffer fatigue or any discomfort from protracted use.

The BaByliss Pro is sculpted out of plastic; however, it is sturdy. It appears the material prevents it from becoming too hot. It remains quite cool after usage, unlike other metal dryers. This makes working with the BaByliss hair dryer an absolute pleasure. It doesn’t stop there.

Rotating Ball

babyliss hair dryerIt features a rotating ball on the cord’s end to prevent it from tangling. That is a touch of class. The cord is longer than most and allows you to move about the room doing other things while drying your hair without pulling the plug out of the socket or cord tangling up. In addition, it has 2 speed and 3 heat settings which allows variable speeds to be set for different types of hair. The switches are well placed, avoiding cutting the dryer off accidentally while operating the device. The cool shot switch is also great as it allows the hair to set after a protracted blast of the hot air while styling. This is supplemented by the ionic technology which helps to prevent frizz or fluffing and leaves hair shining and sleek. It’s a bonus having ionic technology for a BaByliss hair dryer at such a low price. It puts the BaByliss Pro in a bracket of its own.

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Hinged Rear Filter

The BaByliss hair dryer features a hinged rear filter which is simple to pull apart and reassemble for babybliss hair dryereasy cleaning when dust and fluff accumulate in the rear. It helps to maintain it in good working order without loss of performance. The paddle brush that accompanies the BaByliss Pro is a lovely touch. It is extremely useful when drying hair or touching up while out to keep the hair well styled and fresh. The paddle actually feels luxurious.

The box contains:

  • 1 X Slim concentrator brush
  • 1 X Cushion brush
  • 1 X Instruction booklet
  • 1 X Babyliss Elegance 2100W


The cord is a bit short and restrictive. It could be salon length to allow movement around the room. In that sense, it is not really a pro as the name suggests. If the babybliss hair dryercord was salon length, it would have lived up to its name so that is a bit of a shame. The BaByliss hair dryer does what it says on the box which is fine. However, it could have done with a hook to hang it up. Surely, that doesn’t require a rocket scientist. A lot of other dryers have a hook but the BaByliss Pro clutters the dressing table all the time when it should be hanging off a hook or a peg.

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In addition, the power switch is inappropriately located. It accidentally turns the dryer off when using the dryer which is a bit frustrating when you are in a rush. The switches could have been placed anywhere else except in that one spot. Finally, the switches could have been better placed. It’s almost impossible to switch programmes and get the ones you need. The switch should be on the far side not facing you. Having the switch in the palm of the hand, means you have to stop what you are doing to switch to the right programme. This should be something that can be done with the thumb without having to stop to check if you have the right switch. That is a blight on a great product.


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