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Hair Dryer Reviews and Beauty tips

You may be searching through a wide range of hairdryers that promise you amazing results. There might be little difference between them to make an informed decision about which one works best for you. However Hair Dryer Reviews is here to help you narrow down your search to find the ideal dryer that suits you.

We collected hair dryer reviews from customers who used these appliances and took the time to break down what works and what doesn’t. We encourage you to look at the reviews to help you make up your mind. These reviews will save you a lot of time and money. We also provided you with the best prices online to help you find the best bargain.

How To Choose The Best Hair Dryer Reviews

Hair Dryer Reviews checked out all the top brands including ghd, Nicky Clarke, Parlux, Remington, BaByliss, TRESemme, ETI and the likes and collated all the information about what they have to offer. We pinpoint the good and bad aspects of each brand.BaByliss 5560CU Elegance 2100W Hair Dryer

There is no bad brand per se. Every dryer serves its purpose, some more than others. Some have more going on for them than others. However, your budget, hair type and needs determine which hair dryer is best suited to your needs.

The hairdryers that have been reviewed offer or claim to offer something different. However, the common denominator is that they all intend to dry your hair. How they do that is where they differ. Each brand has its own technology that it uses to get the best out of your hair.However,some are heavier than others and some are lighter and more comfortable to work with because they don’t leave you with a sore arm. Some have more power and work better for longer, thicker or curlier hair. It is worth paying attention to the different features of the hairdryers and what they do.

Understanding a dryer’s functions, pros and cons will help you make up your mind. For Instance, some hairdryers have more heat and speed settings which give you more options to find the optimum temperature that works for your hair.

Hair Dryer Reviews analysed many driers and provided a brief section with the “downsides” of each dryer. It is worth noting here that some don’t have downsides and it is these appliances that normally offer the best value for money. Some dryers offer the world but they have too many cons which make them unsuitable. Therefore, it pays attention to note not only the good but also the negative reviews to find the best value for money.ETI Turbodryer 2000 Salon Professional Hair Dryer Black

Top Tips

Hair Dryer Reviews sets out the following points to keep in mind when looking for a hairdryer:

  • Price: Some dryers appear with heavy price tags but offer little value for money.
  • Aesthetics: The good looking appliances don’t necessarily perform as well. In some cases, performance has been sacrificed for appearance.
  • Air Watts: Look at the air watts of a dryer. They determine how good a dryer is at blowing your hair.
  • Watts: Some dryers promise a lot of watts in power. However, their products don’t live up to the promise.
  • Cord: Dryers without swivel technology twist and are difficult to work with as they restrict movement. They are also susceptible to fraying and short circuiting. Therefore they have a short shelf life
  • Extras: Accessories such as diffusers and concentrators do make a difference. They make a difference to different types of hair and they provide more styling options.
  • Cleanable Filters: Dryers that are hard to clean will clog up sooner and their performance will be compromised. In addition, their shelf life is shorter if they can’t be cleaned.
  • Ergonomics: They are difficult to work with and your hand will ache while drying your hair. Opt for the lightweight option as they have the ergonomics right.Remington D5017 Pro2100W Dryer Kit
  • Button Location: There are dryers with buttons on the handle which continue to switch off whenever your fingers accidentally press hem.. They are frustrating to work with and will irritate you.
  • Value For Money: There are dryers that are reasonably priced and have fewer or no downsides; they provide better value for money than expensive ones that have more faults and don’t do what they say on the box.
  • Longevity: Some dryers do what they say on the box for a few months and then they breakdown without warning. They have a very short life and it is likely you will carry on looking replacements if you opt for these instead of spending money on dryers that are more reliable.
  • Guarantee: The guarantee usually indicates the confidence the manufacturers have in their products. If the product breaks down within a certain period, the manufacturer will replace parts or repair it for free. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the guarantee, the better the product. But not in all cases.
  • Downside: Read the downside in the Hair Dryer Reviews. This section tells you what you need to know about a dryer. The less said on the downside the better for your purse or bank account.
  • Temperature Adjustment: While the type of plate on a straightener is important, also look out for the temperature adjustment because it allows you to choose the best heat setting for your hair.

Types Of Hairdryers

1) Traditional Hairdryers

They haven’t changed internally from the way they were manufactured decades ago and still use the same technology. They external appearance may have changed but internally, they still run using a heat producing metal coil and a motor that forces hot air out through the nozzle of the dryer. The results are frizzy hair because their distribution of air and heat are poor.

2) Tourmaline Technology:

Tourmaline is a substance that emits negative ions when heated. It is a hair repairing ingredient and helps to kill bacteria and fungi on the scalp which helps to build healthier looking hair which shines and is silky soft. FHI products use Tourmaline.

It is suitable for thick, curly or kinky hair, although it works for most hair types. The drying time of products with tourmaline is shorter and it distributes heat better than ceramic based products. It also recovers heat faster.Nicky Clarke NHD093 Mayfair Collection

3)Ionic Technology

They use negative ions which repair damaged hair and lock in moisture to produce glossy and hair that is all body and volume. They also reduce the drying time of the hair. Most dryers use this technology. Remington products fall into this category.

4)Ceramic Technology

They dispense heat evenly over the hair and feature technology which automatically reduces heat when it becomes too high. They normally feature multiple heat settings. Normally, their price range tends to be on the higher end of the market. The Parlux range is an example.

Hair Dryer Reviews – What to Lookout For

Pay attention to Hair Dryer Reviews especially the downside section.

  • Some hairdryers boast about having so many watts but they never generate enough heat to dry the hair properly.
  • There are issues with the buttons on some products which make it frustrating to use them.
  • Some dryers are heavier than actually advertised; therefore they are not ergonomically sound.
  • There are appliances that have the best technology but are let down in some areas such as longevity. They break down in a very short time.
  • Some attachments are difficult to use. They fall off when the hairdryers become too hot or they are too long and make the appliance difficult to use.
  • The more times some attachments are used the harder they become to attach.